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As a developer with a background in design and usability, I have a passion for building things that are both functional and fashionable. An ideal position for me is one with a highly collaborative team where I can get my hands dirty in implementation, help mentor junior developers and still have some involvement with visual design and interaction.


  • Expert knowledge in building web-application front-ends (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX)
  • Strong knowledge of various server-side languages (PHP/Zend Framework, C#/.NET, Ruby) with a strong preference for OOP and MVC
  • Comfortable working with databases (MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • Strong background in design, and expert level skills with all industry standard applications


May 2009–April 2010 : Senior Software Engineer : Crushpad

Crushpad, an urban winery in San Francisco, brought me on to lead the development effort for a number of new web-based initiatives. My role was to lead the team of engineers to design and build these new applications.

  • Lead a team to develop brixr.com: an interactive video-based wine tasting and e-commerce site using PHP (Zend framework), MySQL and the Magento platform for the storefront
  • Integrated Brixr with a number of external systems including: Microsoft Dynamics for accounting, Vimeo and Watershed for video delivery and custom built tools for order sourcing and fulfillment services
  • Build a SOAP-based API for two way communications between the main Brixr site and the Magento cart
  • Redesigned and managed the implementation of Crushpad’s client extranet, a Drupal driven, data rich site where barrel making customers can watch, interact and manage their wine as it’s being made
  • Lead a team in developing a separate web-application for affiliate wine sales and management
  • Setup and managed SCM and deployment processes for the engineering team
  • As the team lead, worked closely with junior developers to improve their skill sets: set up 1:1 code reviews, lead group discussions and encouraged better engineering practices

November 2007–January 2009 : Software Engineer : Renkoo, Inc.

Working within the social network applications arena, Renkoo’s philosophy was that each engineer should completely own his or her application. This meant acting as the product person and deciding features and requirements, acting as the designer and producing all the visual design assets, as well as being the sole developer of the application and building it from front-to-back.

  • Designed, prototyped, and developed the Myspace Car Show application from the ground up. Car Show is currently one of the top 50 most installed applications
  • Implemented the image compositing backend for car show using PHP and ImageMagick which could, “on the fly”, generate the custom user car images in various colors, with various accessories
  • Did a major overhaul to “Booze Mail”, an existing Renkoo Facebook application serving millions of installed users, both on the visual and UX side, as well as on the back end (PHP and MySQL)
  • Designed an implemented “Booze Trivia” in an effort to raise page views and application interaction

September 2005–November 2007 : Software Engineer : Presto Services Inc.

At Presto I was able to sharpen my skills as an engineer, doing much less visual design work, and focusing instead on UI, usability, and (most importantly) code. My role was to build the front end for most of the web applications.

  • Implemented the account management web application from the front-end, all the way back to the DB using C#/ASP.NET, and then later migrated the application to ASP.NET 2.0 using VisualStudio 2005
  • Designed a very simple, clean, and friendly interface for someone who may (or may not) be computer savvy to set up and manage their Presto device and account
  • Participated in numerous rounds of usability testing for the account setup process. Since this was the first touch point for many of the users, the experience for the setup process had to be spot on
  • Built a variety of sub-applications for the presto service: the customer service account management site, and the online Presto store

July 2004–September 2005 : Lead UI Designer : America Online

As part of a new initiative to move products to the web, my role was to work as both a UI designer, and developer for webmail. A secondary goal was to help existing UI designers develop a successful web-based user interface model.

  • Designed a highly dynamic user experience for AOL webmail and AIM webmail, which serviced millions of users
  • After launching the new webmail, there was an impressive increase in general traffic, click through revenue, user session times, and user recirculation
  • Designed sophisticated CSS documents for the webmail UI that took advantage of “sprite” techniques, giving the ability to completely skin the UI for the various brands (AOL, AIM and Netscape)
  • Worked as UI Lead for additional projects: My AOL, AOL Calendar, and AOL Favorites

July 2003–July 2004 : Lead Designer / Web Developer : Mailblocks

Working closely with engineering and marketing teams, my primary function at Mailblocks was to be involved with the entire look of both the company and the product. In July of 2004, Mailblocks, Inc. was acquired by America Online.

  • Worked on the award-winning Mailblocks 2.0, and 3.0 user interface (2004 DEMO “DEMOGOD” award, PC Computing “Best Webmail”)
  • Successfully designed and re-launched the mailblocks.com website which helped lead to a dramatic increase in customer acquisition
  • Designed online and print ad campaigns for the service and other promotional materials

August 2001–October 2002 : Art Director / Web Manager : Agile Software

My role at Agile was two-fold. I was responsible for designing the corporate website, intranets and extranets, while also designing and art directing all branding and collateral.

  • Worked directly with marketing executives, design contractors and copywriters to successfully launch a complete new corporate visual style (including whitepapers, datasheets, business systems) and new corporate website in 90 days
  • Agile.com awarded Forbes “Best of the Web 2002”
  • Managed a team of in-house web developers and designers
  • Designed a number of HTML email campaigns
  • Directed and designed creative for all advertising (print and online), corporate collateral, and event branding

Prior Experience

April 2000 – June 2001:   Lead Designer / Webmaster : eConvergent

January 1999 – April 2000:   Lead Designer : PaigeWarner Communications

November 1997 – January 1999:   Graphic Designer : InnoGenex

August 1996 – September 1997:   Graphic Designer : Label Technology, Inc.