Portfolio: Agile Software

My role at Agile Software was two-fold. I was responsible for leading the engineering efforts for the corporate website, intranets and extranets, while also having a side role art directing all branding and collateral and marketing material. In 2002, Agile was awarded Forbes “Best of the Web”. The agile.com website was built using ASP/SQL Server, and localized into 5 different languages.

As a business-to-business company with a very long sales cycle, the primary goal of the website was to build leads for the sales force. We did this by first explaining how the Agile product offering could fit in with that customer’s particular supply chain problem, and then driving them to register for an event, webinar, etc.

The visual language used in the design was to be clean, professional, and consistent. As part of the corporate web sight design, my team and I also updated all the existing marketing materials (collateral, datasheets, white papers, flyers) to match. During 2002 I also designed a series of advertisements for a national ad campaign to be run in various trade journals.

Annually, Agile put on a big tradeshow for their customers, called “Agility”. For the 2002 trade show, I was responsible for the entire visual presence—from the mailers, the reminders, the programs, signage, booth graphics and even the stage design.