Portfolio: Presto Services

Presto Services created an innovative product and service that allowed people without computers to recieve full color email and photos in printed form. While there, I built the account management website that allowed the “care giver” to login and manage the device remotely.

Given the demographic of Presto’s target audience, the primary goal was to focus on simplicity for the UI model. It was also recognized that this web-based UI could be the first (and potentially only) touch point for many users—so it was vital that it expressed friendly, easy, and trust.

Research studies also told us that those setting up the account could likely be using an older web browser, so the site should rely more on server-side scripting than client-side, and degrade well when it needed to.

Using a toned down palate, we pruposefully minimized any unnecessary visual style elements and put the emphasis on presenting data to the user as cleanly as possible. Any forms that contained more than a handful of input elements were broken out into multiple page “wizards” to help walk the user through the task at hand in manageable bite-sized chunks.